Tuesday, October 20, 2009

God Can Kick Your Habit

I'm addicted to a bad habit, and I can't seem to stop no matter how hard I try. If I continue with this habit it might cause cancer or something. Can God help?

Brad: It would help if we knew what your cancer-causing habit was, so don't get upset if this advice isn't very good. Normally our advice is stellar.
For starters, remember that God wants you to quit even more than you do. He may have created you with a physiological susceptibility to this addiction, and then also created a world in which this same temptation is readily available, possibly even occurring in plants, but truly He never wants to see His children suffering under the crushing weight of such a burden.
The first step to recovery is to be honest about your own helplessness. You are pathetic and weak compared to God, and you need to acknowledge this before Him. He won't have anything to do with you until then. I would even grovel if I were you. It wouldn't hurt. But it has to be sincere groveling, as God can easily tell the difference. Don't grovel just because I said to; grovel because you really mean it.
Only then will God reveal His practical wisdom to you that will help you quit, like using a nicotine patch if your habit happens to be smoking.

Eric: You might even go ahead and invest in the patch now, pre-grovel. Unless your vice is tanning beds. In that case the patch won't help.

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  1. My advice: find a counselor to kick your cancer causing habit. Counseling works pretty good if the counselor knows her stuff. Make sure she (or he) is licensed. Groveling, although interesting to observe--not practical. Be upfront and ask for advice from the get go, but you have to be willing to go down that rabbit hole.

    Brad: Maybe God created people with a physiological predisposition for addiction, and created the world to contain elements that will trigger chemistry for addiction just to test Christian faith and to make people stronger. But why would God create some babies with cancerous tumors? Maybe for the parents, or for inspiration? But why does the helpless baby have to suffer? God works in mysterious ways.