Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prayer, Yet Again

I've read studies that say prayer doesn't work. Why are you so sure that it does?

Brad: Did you know 87% of statistics are wrong?
Obviously, that was a joke, but my point is that you can find a study to support whatever view you want. You can't take any particular study seriously. I've seen studies that say prayer does work. I actually do take those studies seriously, because they happen to be true.
I would like you to remember that all prayers are not equal. Sometimes a prayer isn't genuine. Do the researchers conducting your studies realize this? Can you put someone in a little room and stand there with a stopwatch forcing them to pray for things? Well you can, but I question how heartfelt such prayers would be.
It does no good to indiscriminately pray for whatever strikes your fancy. You see God will only respond to your prayers when your requests are in step with his will. If you're not praying for God's will, you're wasting your time. You might be wondering, if God wills it, then why do I have to pray for it? Well, God wants you to will it too. That's part of growing in our faith--figuring out what God wants, and then asking him for it. It's a difficult challenge, but nothing worthwhile is easy.

Eric: What was my answer the last time we had this question? Oh yeah, God doesn't exist. Something to that effect.


  1. Anonymous8.11.09

    yep..really working on that negativity I see. :/

  2. Anonymous19.9.10

    you'll learn;
    hope it's not
    a fatal lesson

    hope you feel
    righteous in
    Everybodies, God
    included, line
    of sight; you